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Your kindness kept them afloat.

Your kindness kept them afloat.

Ron and Michelle lived paycheck to paycheck. They earned enough to get by, but never managed to save much at the end of the month. It’s a situation that feels familiar to many couples and families across South Dakota.

For Michelle, a full-time job in a floral shop provided a much-needed creative outlet. Ron worked hard every day as a custodian. He enjoyed making his place of business clean and inviting to customers.

Suddenly, their peaceful life fell apart. Michelle’s mom passed away unexpectedly, so the couple had to miss several days of work to get their affairs in order. They both got fired, and the bills began to mount.

“Being able to visit the Food Pantry was a huge relief,” Michelle said. “Just huge. It’s one less thing to worry about when you’re still dealing with all that grief and looking for new opportunities.”

Ron agreed: “You won’t see us here often. We look at this as a service to use in times of crisis — not something to take for granted.”

Just weeks before losing their livelihood, Michelle and Ron spent time volunteering at a food bank while visiting family in Iowa. They never imagined having to depend on one themselves.

“To all of the people who keep this place running — donors and volunteers — thank you,” Michelle said. “Without your help, we would be scrounging for pennies right now. You kept us afloat."

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