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Winter Newsletter 2018



As winter winds whip through the northern plains, many South Dakotans face a devastating choice:  should they pool their limited resources toward heating the house for another month? Or should they buy groceries for the family? It’s a sad truth that oftentimes, both options aren’t possible.

You have the power to change that, through your ongoing support of Feeding South Dakota! Thanks to you, hungry men, women, children, and families won’t have to choose between wholesome meals and a toasty-warm home this winter. That’s because every dollar you give to Feeding South Dakota provides four meals for hungry neighbors


Ron and Michelle lived paycheck to paycheck. They earned enough to get by, but never managed to save much at the end of the month. It’s a situation that feels familiar to many couples and families across South Dakota. For Michelle, a full-time job in a floral shop provided a much-needed creative outlet. Ron worked hard every day as a custodian. He enjoyed making his place of business clean and inviting to customers. Suddenly, their peaceful life fell apart. Michelle’s mom passed away unexpectedly, so the couple had to miss several days of work to get their affairs in order. They both got fired, and the bills began to mount. 

“Being able to visit the Food Pantry was a huge relief.”

My name is Lorraine. In my household, winter was always a time of dread and uncertainty. You see, I make a living washing cars. When the sun shines, business booms. My kids and I have no trouble making ends meet. During these cold winter months, it’s a whole different story. This winter, Lorraine won’t have to wonder where her next meal is coming from. It’s all thanks to you!

March is National Nutrition Month, and we’re honored that you’ve chosen to do your part by giving to Feeding South Dakota. Thanks to you, we’re making progress on a special initiative called Foods to Encourage. With your help, we’ll source and distribute more foods that promote good health — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. Our goal is to provide over 11.5 million pounds of these foods annually by 2019. This would mean 70% of the food we distribute through our five programs and our 400 partner agencies would be healthy produce, dairy, and proteins.


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