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Thankful beyond words for all you provide.

Thankful beyond words for all you provide.

My name is Lorraine. In my household, winter was always a time of dread and uncertainty. You see, I make a living washing cars. When the sun shines, business booms. My kids and I have no trouble making ends meet. During these cold winter months, it’s a whole different story.

I find part-time work where I can, but it’s not enough to put food on the table consistently. It’s stressful to wonder where our next meal will come from. You’ve taken that burden off my shoulders by giving to Feeding South Dakota.

Here, I can find basic ingredients to cook for my kids. It’s nothing short of a blessing, and I’m thankful beyond words. The food you provide helps lift up this entire community. You’re improving their health by giving them access to healthy food they would never be able to afford.

Thinking back to the days before I heard about the pantry, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. Terrifying questions used to lurk at the back of my mind: Can I feed my kids? Will I ever be able to invite friends over for dinner? Will I come home to a bare cupboard?

Now, you’ve set my mind at ease. I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you for your kindness at a particularly difficult time. You saw my family through to brighter days. 

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