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Plant A Row To Feed The Hungry

Plant A Row To Feed The Hungry

Plant A Row To Feed The Hungry

Connecting gardeners and farmers with local food pantries statewide

Statewide, SD (5/1/17) – As the grass greens, flowers bloom, and temperatures warm, many people are now out tending their gardens. And when it comes time to harvest the fresh vegetables, one hunger relief organization is hoping you will plant extra and donate it to someone in need.

This is Feeding South Dakota’s third year promoting Plant A Row, an initiative aimed at asking gardeners and small farmers to plant an extra row of produce and donate it’s bounty to a local food pantry.

“Providing more nutritional foods is one of the key initiatives we are working on at Feeding South Dakota,” says Matt Gassen, CEO, Feeding South Dakota. “This year our goal in promoting Plant A Row is to connect gardens with their local food pantries all across the state. Food pantries are challenged to provide healthier food options such as fresh produce as they can be the most expensive items in a grocery basket often causing families to go without.”

Feeding South Dakota’s mission is eliminate hunger in our state. Through a network of 350 agencies, Feeding South Dakota strives to be the resource connecting hunger relief agencies to people who suffer from the daily pains of hunger. Initiatives like Plant A Row help provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables to the one in eight individuals who struggle with food insecurity in our state.

To find the nearest Feeding South Dakota agency partner nearest you to make a produce donation, please call 605.335.0364. More information on Plant A Row can be found at http://feedingsouthdakota.org/how-to-help/current-initiatives/plant-a-row/.

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