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Monthly Donor - Rodney H.

Rodney, like a lot of us, was raised in a small farming community in rural South Dakota. It was this upbringing created out of the fabric of this small farming community that shaped his service to others. In this small town, he was taught the importance of
caring for neighbors by watching his father. His parents were main street merchants and ran the only grocery store in town. He saw his father donating expired food to neighbors in need. The value of giving back was instilled.

 In this small town, he was taught to put others needs before his own by watching the local farmers. On many occasions when a farmer fell ill or was hurt during the fall harvest other farmers would stop their own harvest, to help the fallen farmer before finishing their own. The value of putting others first was instilled. 

In this small town, he was taught through his faith to be of service to others by modeling the congregation. When there were people in town that were ill, his fellow church parishioners rallied together to bring them food. The value of sharing was instilled. 

All these examples made a very strong impression on Rodney as a child. Today, Rodney and his wife support a variety of organizations. They choose to give to charitable causes that do the most good and leave the largest impact on those in need, like Feeding South Dakota. To Rodney and his wife, it’s important to give monthly because it gives the organization a consistent and predictable cash flow, and it’s convenient. Also, he wants to be disciplined in his giving,
making sure to give to others first. 

When asked why giving is so important. Rodney says, “What is more important than food? Food, shelter and clothing, that’s what people need!” Rodney, and his wife, look around and see so much prosperity here in South Dakota, and ask themselves why some have so much and others have so little? His simple response is, “It’s not our place to judge or ask why, it is simply our place to give back and to help our neighbors.” 

Simply, Rodney loves South Dakota, the people, and helping those in need. That’s why he’s a ‘Hero for the Hungry’ at Feeding South Dakota. Rodney and his wife give monthly to help fight hunger in South Dakota. 

To learn how you can become a monthly donor, like Rodney visit FeedingSouthDakota.org/donate 

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