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Holiday 2018 Newsletter

Holidays are the Toughest on Families

For Lonnie and his family, the food you help provide is a gift of hope.

Lonnie has lived in South Dakota most of his life and is proudly raising his family in Sioux Falls. For many years, times were good. Lonnie worked hard at the local Children’s Hospital, and his wife worked full-time to provide for their two young children. Lonnie and his family's life took a turn for the worse when a sudden heart attack caused Lonnie to stop working. Before he could fully recover, he was also diagnosed with cancer. To take care of Lonnie and the family, his wife quit her job, and the family has struggled to make ends meet ever since.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Lonnie

Thanksgving Turkeys - Given With Cheerful Hearts

The holidays truly are a season of giving - from the generous donations we receive from friends like you, to the heartfelt support from friends like Greg and Pam Sands, who have given tremendously for 10 years to help provide turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.

“We both grew up poor, so we like to feed people now.” - GREG

Every Child Deserves a Hunger-free Holiday

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for Feeding South Dakota, particularly Thanksgiving when we anticipate providing thousands of meals. Your generous support ensures our struggling neighbors can celebrate this wonderful holiday tradition. Honor someone special. Donate Here


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