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Greg and Pam Sands Foundation

Greg and Pam Sands Foundation


The holidays truly are a season of giving - from the generous donations we receive from friends like you, to the heartfelt support from friends like Greg and Pam Sands, who have given tremendously for 10 years to help provide turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.

 “We both grew up poor, so we like to feed people now.”  - GREG

“It started 10 years ago - a week before Thanksgiving - when a story on the local TV station said Feeding South Dakota needed 400 turkeys and didn’t have any. That weekend I emailed friends, and on Monday, I had 500 turkeys rounded up,” Greg says. The generosity has continued - and grown - year after year. This year Greg and Pam are providing 3,000 turkeys for neighbors in need! “We both grew up poor, so we like to feed people now,” Greg says. “My mother always liked to help others, even though we didn’t have anything. It just grew in me.”

“In this area we have a lot of families who have jobs - and even though they’re trying their best—they just don’t make enough to support their children, pay for the rent, and everything else. Feeding South Dakota helps fill in the gaps.”

“We try to stay focused on being cheerful givers,” Greg says, and he invites everyone to give back, too. “It’s the right thing to do.”

This year Greg and Pam Sands are generously matching all online donations dollar for dollar up to $14,000! Visit feedingsouthdakota.org/donate to support a family this Thanksgiving! Greg and 

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