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Spring Newsletter 2018

Apr 11, 2018 | Newsletters


Hunger is sometimes hard to see on the surface. Matthew and Evelyn both work—Evelyn in retail, Matthew as a restaurant manager—and they own a home. But the two jobs just aren’t enough.

“ It’s helping us get by. Our house payments just keep going up.” —MATTHEW

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Winter Newsletter 2018

Jan 19, 2018 | Newsletters



As winter winds whip through the northern plains, many South Dakotans face a devastating choice:  should they pool their limited resources toward heating the house for another month? Or should they buy groceries for the family? It’s a sad truth that oftentimes, both options aren’t possible.

You have the power to change that, through your ongoing support of Feeding South Dakota! Thanks to you, hungry men, women, children, and families won’t have to choose between wholesome meals and a toasty-warm home this winter. That’s because every dollar you give to Feeding South Dakota provides four meals for hungry neighbors


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2017 Fall Newsletter

Oct 27, 2017 | Newsletters

Life hasn’t been easy for Bill and Brande, but they’re doing everything they can to make it through tough times. “Food isn’t as cheap as it used to be,” Bill says. “Throw in gas and bills — and money gets really tight,” Brande adds. Like many other struggling families across South Dakota, Bill has a full-time job. He works in a warehouse. Even still, the family hasn’t been able to keep up with rising prices and expenses. They have a couple of growing boys with big appetites, too, making the monthly strain on their budget ever tighter. 

“There's Just No Way” – Bill

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Jul 06, 2017 | Newsletters

Alessandra has a big smile on her face. Even though she’s barely 9 years old, she knows how much Feeding South Dakota means to her parents. “I like coming here. They have a lot of yummy treats,” she says. When asked about her favorite healthy food, she doesn’t hesitate: “Salad and apples. But . . . candy is my favorite.”

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May 2017 Newsletter

May 26, 2017 | Newsletters

Thank you for providing for us during a time of transition. My name is Chantel. This is my first time at the Food Pantry. I’ve always been the person who gives, but right now I need to receive help. Knowing there’s help when we really need it is a reassuring feeling.

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February 2017 Newsletter

Feb 17, 2017 | Newsletters

Meet Laurie and her grandchildren. Laurie had attended culinary school and worked ask a cook until she became disabled. After back surgery, Laurie still has back pain and trouble walking. Laurie is also diabetic but uses her culinary skills in her kitchen so her family can eat healthier. Currently, she cares for two of her nine grandchildren, and loves to have them all visit.

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July 2016 Newsletter

Sep 14, 2016 | Newsletters

Meet Giovanna and her three children. She moved her family to South Dakota to get out of a bad situation.  Right now, she's working part-time as a certified nursing assistant while she waits for a full-time position to open up.  Without the help she receives from the Food Pantry, Giavanna isn't sure what her family would do.

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