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Arby’s Donates 10% of sales to Fight Childhood Hunger

Arby’s Donates 10% of sales to Fight Childhood Hunger

Sioux Falls, SD (4/27/17) – With one in every six kids at-risk of going hungry in the Sioux Empire, Arby’s Restaurants in Sioux Falls are donating 10% of all sales on Thursday, April 27th to Feeding South Dakota’s BackPack Program.

In Sioux Falls and 10 surrounding communities, more than 3,400 weekend food packages are distributed at the schools. Principals, teachers, and counselors identify children who need the food assistance, and then parents complete registration forms. 

Grants and individual donations provide funds for the BackPack Program. It costs Feeding South Dakota $150 to support one child for the school year. In order to sustain the program financially, fundraisers are essential to the program’s success.

“We are working together to end childhood hunger because every child deserves to learn, play and grow,” said Joe James of Arby’s in Sioux Falls.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Arby’s to raise awareness about food insecurity among children in our community,” said Allison Struck, BackPack Program Coordinator.

For more information about Feeding South Dakota’s BackPack Program, visit feedingsouthdakota.org.

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