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2021 Fall Newsletter / Annual Report

2021 Fall Newsletter / Annual Report

Renee's Boys Will Not Go to Bed Hungry Topnight

A Loving Mother Thanks You

“My husband lost his job because of COVID-19,” Renee shared recently. “And I have five boys. He was out of work for a year. And we had the kids home, seven days a week, three to five meals per day.”

Unfortunately, Renee’s story is not uncommon in our great state — where one in six children live in food-insecure homes. The effects of child hunger continue to be physical, mental, and emotional and can last a lifetime.

Every day, lower-income parents like Renee are forced to make grueling decisions:

  • Buy groceries or pay a medical bill?
  • Find food for the day or transportation to work?
  • Pay for tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s rent?

What would you do?

Read Renee's full story and more in our 2021 Fall Newsletter / Annual Report.

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