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It is through the help and generosity of people like you that we are able to continue our work.
Thank you for supporting Feeding South Dakota! 


More great ways to help raise funds!

Casual Day

Ask your employer to hold a "Dress Casual for a Day" fundraiser. For a small donation, employees can “donate” the right to dress casually. It makes for a great way to do something positive with your weekly or monthly “casual Friday,” and after a few weeks or months, the donations can really add up.

Meal Fundraisers

Is your business already running a Casual Day? Suggest a pot luck and charge a small admission. If you have some talented chefs or bakers, you could host a barbecue or a bake sale. You could even get really crazy and invite other businesses to attend. Pick a theme. Make it fun! 

Matching Programs

Some employers and businesses will also support donations with matching programs (matching the total amount of money raised, doubling the initial donation amount). Ask your employer if they have a matching program and, if they do, make sure you put it to good use!


Ideas like these may seem fun and simple, but the outcomes can be hugely positive for the hungry people in this state. Please talk with us at Feeding South Dakota if you are interested in helping to raise donations through unique ideas like these.


To donate by mail, download and print our donation form and mail to 4701 N Westport Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57107. 
To make a donation over the phone please call 605.335.0364 and ask to speak to the Gift Processing Coordinator.
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