Operations Director - Sioux Falls, SD

Job Summary

This position is responsible for the leadership and direction of all operations for Feeding South Dakota, supervision of operational staff in multiple locations, logistics management of all aspects of programs and services, and development and implementation of all policies, operations, and practices in a manner consistent with Feeding South Dakota’s goals and mission.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manages all day-to-day operations of Feeding South Dakota’s multiple-site facilities to ensure mission goals and objectives are being met.
  • Provides leadership to operational staff by setting goals, managing performance, providing recognition and rewards, and handling personnel matters with consistency and proper documentation.
  • Gives direction to operations managers in all locations through effective communication designed to enhance all aspects of operations.
  • Coaches direct reports toward improved management skills and raise the efficiency of process execution.
  • Maintains a working environment that motivates all staff and encourages open communication among operational areas and locations.
  • Addresses day-to-day operational and staff issues in a timely manner by utilizing high level problem-solving skills.
  • Sets operational policies and procedures that affect programs relating to day-to-day work within approved guidelines.
  • Structures and implements program reviews to measure efficiency, quality, and timeliness in the delivery of program services.
  • Provides training opportunities to improve individual job performance and to educate staff on the organization’s ongoing goals and objectives.
  • Ensures compliance with all contracts, regulations and grant requirements for successful operation of the organization.
  • Develops, cultivates and maintains positive relationships with feeding partners throughout the state.
  • Maintains and ensures the normal operations of technology systems including servers, workstations, printers, network appliances, backup systems, and installed software.
  • Serves as point-of-contact for technical assistance to all in-house and remote employees, while working closely with Feeding South Dakota’s outside IT provider on information system issues.
  • Contributes to and supports the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Creates and delivers reports on operational outcomes as requested.
  • Supports financial stability by managing operational expenditures within budget and policy guidelines.
  • Provides onsite leadership for annual inventory and audit activities and practices.
  • Oversees operational risk management and safety program development, implementation, and compliance.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements:

Light work: Light work involves lifting approximately up to 40 pounds at a time with frequent lifting of objects weighing more than 10 pounds. Even though the weight lifted may be very little, a job is in this category when it requires a good deal of walking or standing for certain projects. To be considered capable of performing a full range of light work, you must have the ability to do substantially all of these activities. This job may also require a large amount of sedentary work, involving sitting for long periods of time.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and at least three years of relevant experience in organizational and systems management is required.
  • Warehouse management and logistics in material storage and transportation along with experience in information technology applications, risk management, budget management, customer communication, and nonprofit business principles are desired experiences for consideration.
  • Must possess and demonstrate:
    • Integrity and commitment to fighting hunger in South Dakota
    • Ability to relate effectively with other staff, volunteers, agency representatives and the general public
    • Excellent oral, written and listening communication skills
    • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
    • Excellent people management skills to supervise and motivate staff and volunteers

Send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Matt Gassen, CEO, Feeding South Dakota
4701 N Westport Ave
Sioux Falls, SD  57107-0123
(605) 335-0364, ext 101