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May 2017 Newsletter

Thank you for providing for us during a time of transition. My name is Chantel. This is my first time at the Food Pantry. I’ve always been the person who gives, but right now I need to receive help. Knowing there’s help when we really need it is a reassuring feeling.

It’s nice to know someone is here for us when we need help.

You’re helping us have enough to eat—thank you! My name is Karen, and I’m here with my husband, Nate. We’re living on disability right now, and it’s been hard to make ends meet. Our medical issues are our biggest challenge, but that’s also led to our financial situation.

“ If we couldn’t get this food today, we wouldn’t have anything to eat.”

A worthwhile program. Cindy, a retired lawyer, and Tom, a retired teacher, both saw their careers influencing their motivation for feeding at-risk children. “I got into being a public defender because I wanted to help people who were getting the short end of the stick in our society,” says Cindy. “I worked with kids who lived in poverty and difficult family situations, and I know what a stress it is to not have enough money to buy food.”

“ A child that has sufficient food is going to be a much better student.”

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