Through the end of the year, Bank of America Charitable Foundation will match every dollar donated twice through their Give a Meal campaign.  

Triple your donation today!

Donors do not need to be a Bank of America member to donate.

100% of the donations made through Give a Meal will be distributed to Feeding America and it's food bank partners like Feeding South Dakota.  Even better: donors can designate their donation to stay local and help families right here in South Dakota!

In order to qualify for the match, all donations need to be made through Feeding America. Feeding America will recognize all donors first, and Feeding South Dakota will send out thank you letters at the end of this campaign.

Donating is easy!

  • Click to go to the Bank of America page on Feeding America's website
  • Choose your donation amount and select donate
  • Enter your zip code in the pop up box to keep your donation local
  • Select "Your Local Food Bank" below the gift amount to put your donation to work in your community
  • Complete the donation form

Donate Now!