South Dakota native, Companyon, is a producer, singer, and songwriter with nine years of music making experience. Companyon has teamed up with Feeding South Dakota to fight hunger in his home state. 

For every download of his new song, Ø Closure, Companyon will donate $1 to Feeding South Dakota.

Listen to a sample or download Ø Closure. 

In purchasing a song, you and I have effectively teamed up with Feeding South Dakota in an effort to provide meals for those who are struggling or cannot afford them. This particular song comes from a place of non-answers, self-reflection, and struggling with the unknown. I've been there and it can be a deep dark pit to climb out of. But one of the surest ways to navigate these feelings is to instead turn outward and do something for somebody else. Nearly nothing can be more life-giving than doing good for others. And that's what we are going to do.